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Resin Kation Anion Tulsion Thermax | 0821 2742 3050 | Jual Resin Kation Anion Murah

Resin Kation Anion Tulsion Thermax | 0821 2742 3050 | Jual Resin Kation Anion Murah Jakarta, Bekasi, Bandung, Surabaya, Bangka, Lampung

Water Softening is used for the removal of calcium and magnesium ions which are the hardness (scale) forming constituents of water.

When water is passed over an ion exchange bed in a softening process, Ca2+ and Mg2+ ions are exchanged for the equivalent Na+ ions. The water obtained contains only Sodium salts, which do not produce boiler scales since they are readily soluble in water. This process is used for scale prevention in Low and Medium Pressure Boilers.

After every service cycle the resin is backwashed with water followed by regeneration with 5-15% of NaCl solution.

NOTE: Softening of high hardness,high TDS water can also be carried out by Sodium form of weak acid cation resin.The resin is regenerated in two steps.First regenerate the resin in Hydrogen form by 0.7 to 4% HCl or H2SO4 and then convert it into Sodium form by 1 to 2% NaOH solution.

Disclaimer: The data included herein are based on test information obtained by Thermax Ltd. These are believed to be reliable but do not imply any warranty or performance guarantee. We recommend that the user determine performance by testing on his own processing equipment. We assume no liability or responsibility for patent infringement resulting from the use of these products.

Untuk informasi dan pemesanan hubungi:
022 723 8019 ( call- fax)

0821 2742 3050 (Rusmana)

Alamat gudang resin kation anion
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Kantor Cabang Jakarta:
Jalan Kemanggisan Pulo 1, No. 4, RT/RW 01/08, Kelurahan Pal Merah, Kecamatan Pal Merah, Jakarta Barat, 11480

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Jalan Tanah Merdeka No. 80B, RT.15/RW.5 Rambutan, Ciracas, Jakarta Timur 13830



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